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Potable water treatment plants

Water is the most widespread chemical compound on earth and is necessary for the development and conservation of life. Water however, in the form that it appears in nature (lakes, seas, rivers, and ground water) is not appropriate for consumption as it contains viruses and bacteria and needs disinfection. ATHANASIOS KOUTSOUKOS S.A. offers automated, modern and technological and scientifically reliable potable water treatment plants. We undertake the studying, construction, reconstruction as well as maintenance of potable water treatment plants of any kind and of any output. Whether the treatment plant will provide potable water to a small community (village) or to a larger community (city of any population) we undertake the disinfection and cleaning of water in order for the latter to be delivered to each house free of contaminants, bacteria and viruses.

Which water treatment plant?

The correct choice of the treatment procedure that will be applied depends upon several factors. For instance, the chemical identity of water, the type and degree of water pollution as well as other parameters. Chemical and bacterial analysis of water is necessary in order to decide on the suitable potable water treatment plant. It might be necessary to combine two or more processes in order to achieve the desirable results. Our long experience in potable water treatment plants in combination with our highly qualified and trained professionals will relieve you of making the difficult choice of which water treatment plant you require.  

ATHANASIOS KOUTSOUKOS S.A. offers the following water treatment plants: