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Industrial wastes treatment

ATHANASIOS KOUTSOUKOS S.A. possesses long experience in waste treatment plants. Taking into consideration that integrated and rational management of the produced waste is an extremely significant parameter for the environmentally safe operation of every enterprise, we offer tailor-made, integrated, complete, technological and eco-friendly solutions for minimization, recycling and treatment of waste effluents.

We undertake the study, reconstruction, construction, installation and maintenance of waste plants, of any chemical identity, contributing actively in the protection of the environment. The available technologies, which are being continuously developed by our professionals in the research and development department, meet the strict local and national environmental regulations. The innovative and scientifically reliable solutions we offer on waste treatment fulfill the demands of modern industry and enable customers to reduce their environmental footprint and increase the productivity of their systems.

ATHANASIOS KOUTSOUKOS S.A. offers the following industrial waste treatment systems: